Removing electrical connectors on the radiator?

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Removing electrical connectors on the radiator?

Postby ms2000 » March 26th, 2018, 2:12 pm

My 87 Integra Radiator has
- Temp sensor connector
- 2 fan connectors
- a third connector similar to the fan - what is this for?

Do u have to reach out from underneath after removing the splash shield to disconnect these electricals?

The sleeve covering Temp sensor on the radiator would not come out - my friend eventually removed it.

We started around 10:30am - finished around 2/ 2:30pm. About 3/4 hrs - is that what you normally take - remember this is first rad change - the one that got removed is from the factory.

Now a lot of rattle is gone and the car drives fine with more power (is this normal) - I am wondering where I am seeing this extra power and smoothness of engine/tranny operation?

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