Where do u buy Radiator - what price?

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Where do u buy Radiator - what price?

Postby ms2000 » April 28th, 2017, 3:51 am

Where do u buy Radiator - what price?

Are there anything else needs to be changed - like hoses - which ones?

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Re: Where do u buy Radiator - what price?

Postby trent » May 5th, 2017, 3:45 pm

I don't remember where I bought the aftermarket radiator I am using right now. It left slightly less space between the radiator and the exhaust on the engine than a radiator from Honda which is not available.

The drain petcock finger wings broke off completely recently. I will remove the lower hose to change the fluid from now on. Some silicone grease on the petcock threads may have prevented that. Regreasing the threads after draining the radiator each time might be necessary. It would be important to choose silicone grease. Other greases could melt the plastic the plug is made from or the rubber that seals and hoses are made from. Brake caliper grease might also be ok, because it it made to be compatible with rubber caliper pin seals. It is an inconvenience to completely remove the petcock for greasing each time, and having a Honda radiator that wouldn't break like that would be nice.

I checked prices and $145-150 is the price for a radiator from auto part chain stores. I saw the same brand name, Spectra, on RockAuto.com for $121, but shipping is extra.

The hoses should be replaced if they are getting squishy, swollen and about to tear. The bypass hose near the heater hoses on my 1989 Integra had a hole in the middle of the hose recently. It had burst just as I finished parallel parking in the city. I bought a 3/4 inch wide roll of duct tape from a nearby grocery store and drove around the rest of the day and the next with the hole wrapped in duct tape. You should try to mark the place where the hole is, because later when the motor cools off the leak will stop.


A hole near the edge of the hose clamps might be hard to tape up. You could try moving the clamp aside, taping it up then moving the clamp back. This will require pliers or a screwdriver depending on the type of clamp. The tape might make the hose too wide for the clamp to fit. Put on a thin layer, then put more on after the clamp is back in place. Adjusting the clamp to cover the hole might help. Moving the clamp away from the hole might let the tape work better. The guy washing his car on the other side of the street will be impressed when you drive off after this quick repair. Don't push your luck and replace the hose as soon as you can get a new one.

Make a lot of noise revving the engine by opening the throttle by hand to check that the leak is fixed. The water pump increases the pressure in that bypass hose and probably the upper radiator hose as well. Don't get burned by hot steaming coolant that might quirt out.

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Re: Where do u buy Radiator - what price?

Postby Bag » June 14th, 2017, 12:04 pm

Its been a couple of years but I recall pricing a reconditioning of the oem radiator and it wasn't too bad. I like the fact that oem didn't have plastic top.

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