normal quirks with manual transmission even since new

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normal quirks with manual transmission even since new

Postby trent » January 28th, 2016, 5:16 pm

Since I bought my first Integra new from the dealer, and continuing with my second one, I've observed that shifting into reverse or into fifth makes a grinding noise if rushed.

The noise happens when shifting to fifth without waiting for the engine RPM to slow to match the wheel speed. It also happens shifting into reverse without waiting about four and half seconds after revving the throttle in neutral. Shifting into first quickly before moving the stick to reverse eliminates the reverse gear noise.

It takes longer for the RPM to slow when skipping more gears. A shift from one to five is fun; just remember to let the RPM drop to where it needs to be before moving the stick to fifth.

I assume that these are normal quirks, and that repeatedly making grinding noises will be bad for the expected lifetime of the gears which is forever as far as I can tell.

When driving in reverse there is a normal whining noise because the reverse gears are straight cut instead of helical like the other five. (Straight cut gears vs helical article,

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