Long-term advice, from long-timers.

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Long-term advice, from long-timers.

Postby 89_Tegra_RS » March 23rd, 2014, 11:52 am

Hey folks,

I personally, for judgement.. And sane purposes.... Need some advice. I'm going a tad bit crazy right now.. Trying to figure out the fate, of my 89 Integra RS.

To sum it up.. It's going to need a pretty costly repair.. Later on down the road. Not like right now, but maybe.. at least, 5/6 months. $1,899.91 costly, to be exact.

Now.. That amount I listed above, for the repair price, could possibly be used, to generally purchase another vehicle.

What I'm trying to figure out is, am I better off keeping my Integra, maintaining it, or better off getting another vehicle.

Will I be spending more money in the long-run, or less.

I'd really love some input from you folks who have been around this type of car for a long time. I've never owned this kind of car, and I persoanlly, have grown to love it, and I kind of, don't wanna give it up.


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Re: Long-term advice, from long-timers.

Postby evtsteward » March 23rd, 2014, 12:55 pm

From my perspective, after having bought an LS coupe new in 86, trading that for an 87 sedan after 9 months as a new family vehicle and keeping it alive for 20 years and 279K. And, in the meantime saving 38 of these g1tegs, scrapping 12 and refurbishing 26, still owning my beloved 88 SE after 7 years with 429K on it and 3 engine swaps plus 2 trans change outs, and never once had anyone bring my sold teg back to complain? You will sorely miss that car. Wait til you have to repair something on the replacement vehicle, wishing all the time that if you still had your teg, you'd be done by yesterday or could have done that yourself. The frustration of finding another one is going to irritate you to no end. Forget the discontinued items and the cost and time of pulling stuff from the wreckers. That's what enthusiasts do. It's what I and lots more do every day. I beseech you that unless you're done, really done with g1tegs, then fix it, store it til you have the time and money to do the repairs, or sell/give it to someone who you know will keep it alive. I dream of the day when Chuck Foose and his band of dingbats, steal my SE and Overhaul it. Don't need anything pumped up on it just back to new. There's nothing more sad than when I roll to one of my many meets during the year to have my SE be the only g1 to show. I see these every day around the northwest. Other places around the country they are damn scarce. Of the 5000 imported I would doubt there's more than 1500 left. i promise this to everyone here, unless some other idiot totals my SE, I will always have a g1teg in my stable and I will probably never get Vanity or Classic plates for it and it will always have my fishing gear safely stored in the hatch. 8-) It's an addiction and the sooner you admit it, the more I'll respect and admire you for it.
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Re: Long-term advice, from long-timers.

Postby d16a3teg » March 24th, 2014, 3:45 am

Well written response.

Mine has not as many miles (kilometers as Evtsteward's) at 395,000 km but one engine swap and I've never been let down on the side of the road by this car! I've had a fair number of other makes - GM Holden, Ford, Mitsuibishi, Subaru, Mazda and with the exception of the Subaru all of the others have had me doing the tow truck thing home even in a 6 week old brand new car will not buy another Ford.......

And now from the other end of the world - KEEP IT!
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Re: Long-term advice, from long-timers.

Postby Pr377yRicky » March 31st, 2014, 3:23 am

I would keep, if you divide the $1900 by 12, it'll only cost around $158 month, which isn't bad for a car that's already paid for.
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Re: Long-term advice, from long-timers.

Postby redteg73 » April 1st, 2014, 12:56 am

Repair=upgrade time. Whatever is broken should be revived better. I personally hate having the same thing as the guy in the next lane. I go through a lot of rental cars in my job, i would rather drive my integra than 80 percent of the brand new rentals i get, and my car is pretty much just a race car, so daily driving is not the most comfie thing. What is the repair in question, for 1899 I fell like you could pretty much do a basic b18b swap.

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Re: Long-term advice, from long-timers.

Postby ukteg » May 16th, 2014, 6:50 pm

been a car detailer and painter and much other things

i get to drive some bottom line cars to high line cars and not one gives me the Integra feel

i had a 2011 Jaguar XFR the other day to clean it drove and went like nothing ive drove before but still would go back to the Honda like a shot

everytime i have a customer come collect there cars they aways look round the teg and all wish they had it and some own 40K cars

something must be right with the old Integras

learn it fix it learn it fix it

thats how you roll in a teg id keep it with out doubt
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Re: Long-term advice, from long-timers.

Postby Biscuit » June 5th, 2014, 10:18 am

You asked a question but did not at the same time douchebag. What is the freaking problem with your car?

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Re: Long-term advice, from long-timers.

Postby john89teg » June 5th, 2014, 3:35 pm

Biscuit wrote:You asked a question but did not at the same time douchebag. What is the freaking problem with your car?


Dude, mellow out. This isn't H-T. The name calling and attitude has NO PLACE ON G1 TEG! You may wind up getting banhammered if you keep it up.

Play nice,

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