How much did you sell your car for?

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How much did you sell your car for?

Postby mr_malina » March 13th, 2014, 1:39 am

Really interested in the high end of scale, describe car and price received.

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Re: How much did you sell your car for?

Postby evtsteward » March 13th, 2014, 1:24 pm

Of the 24 that I've refurbed and sold, not may were downright awesome, mostly utilitarian. All sold between 1600-2000. One SE went for 2500 but the guy was desperate and had the cash. :D
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Re: How much did you sell your car for?

Postby Pr377yRicky » March 15th, 2014, 3:03 am

here in Texas i traded one for SE spoiler. parts are so rare here.
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Re: How much did you sell your car for?

Postby 8Integra8 » October 25th, 2014, 4:12 am

What is up! Finaglin'' 4 bangers! Crazy G1TEGORG.inizations. .. ... can't find a single post to my finaglin' name. Long time! 8Integra8 . . . :twisted:

Just the sad reality when your pride isn't in demand. Sold that bad boy for $2(two)(dollars),when nobody on the forum wanted it. WITH aftermarket parts! :roll: J/K!

I crashed that thing on a twisty CA highway, the best a g1teg could get twisted. Mangled! No! :roll:

J/K #2, I can drive! No reason for crashing cars unless you mean it! :twisted:

Sold that bastard some 5 years ago, on a DUI.

Not the high end scale. $800 w/aftermarket parts, coulda got at least 12-1500+ easy, no forum take on $800: lowered rear adj. coilovers, front aft. mkt. T-bars, tokico blues, 90% stock tires, drilled/slotted brakes, intake/header/exhaust, tint, some audio, clean grey suede interior, tint, all power windows and motor. Ran F'n GOOD! Some other stuff I guess.

Sold to unlicensed driver, by accident, that never registered it. . . . got parking ticket first week, and impounded a couple weeks later. Sad!

On brighter side of it (that's PST for you worldly folk; pacific standard time), I learned a lot from this 4 banger and enjoyed the forum for it. It's the only reason that dialed me into my automotive need.....gto for you safe betters.

After I got ripped off by mechanic, I rebuilt motor myself. Win some/lose some. After I rebuilt motor, the Anyhow, quick "kudos" to that guy with funny hat and funny *avatar! *GOTTA LOVE THE OUTDOOR CANNABIS LOUNGE!!!(cough, cough, wave) DA16 was a beast. It was a mean rhino! Hammered and red lined that thing into its day.. . . .till no one wanted it, and it was just getting me in trouble. Fun!


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