NewMember! Hello && would love some help.

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Re: NewMember! Hello && would love some help.

Postby evtsteward » October 10th, 2013, 1:23 am

Welcome aboard. Members will be posting for your needs soon. :geek:
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Re: NewMember! Hello && would love some help.

Postby MinkelR » October 10th, 2013, 5:26 am

Welcome! We have a few members from the UK. Hopefully they will chime in with parts availability over there.

As far as lowering:
These cars have torsion bars in the front and coil springs in the back. To lower the front you can lower the torsion bar adjustment nut. But the correct way to lower it would to buy some stiffer torsion bars from Upgrade Motoring and reindex them. The rears are coil springs. You can buy some quality coilovers from Ground Control. Although one of our Swedish members had an MOT issue because the springs unseat when the suspension is fully unloaded.
OBX makes a decent header for our cars. Just make sure you get the right one. The US engines differed between 86-7 and 88-9 in the US. I'm unsure about overseas.
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Re: NewMember! Hello && would love some help.

Postby ukteg » October 25th, 2013, 7:57 pm

welcome aboard, lets see some pics of ex16 -

you will find out its very hard to play about with the Integra here in the Uk
No parts about in Uk tuning wise - so import is the only way

may find odd lucky part

ive bought most my parts from the Guys on here - just ask what you need

the coilovers need spacer springs to fill the gap as when the car comes air bound/lifted up the springs become mobile and is a MOT fail also unsafe

ive got a set of ground control coilovers and will post a pic of what you need to secure them

the front need Torsion bar upgrade - imported only

and a full bush kit will also go well i think its the one from a 87 civic (will be corrected if am wrong) - these can be got in the UK

you will find lots of help off here

keep us posted
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coming soon

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Re: NewMember! Hello && would love some help.

Postby Mr NW Classic » November 1st, 2013, 2:06 am


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