New here. Wanna get some feed back

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New here. Wanna get some feed back

Postby G1TypeR » April 29th, 2016, 2:39 am

Hi guys my name is Jaidge and I'm new to this forum but not 1Gs. I have had a 89 2 door LS (red) I have a 88 4 door DD (305k :mrgreen: ) and after searching about 3- 4 years found a 88 SE white. Kinda rough but it's mine and that will all change soon!
Things done so far:
Previous ownper spent a lot of $ trying to figure out why it didnt run. New dizzy, ECT sensor, plugs, wires, fuel filter, PCM, injectors,etc. Even pulled the wiring from the dash down.
Took me 15mins, ready codes: ECT sensor and a cam or crank position sensor. Got the wiring diagram out and found they both use the same 5v ref signal so check the ECT sensor (non 5v ref wire) for continuity with the other side and it did so traced back and found the wires were touching. Repaired and runs like a champ now.
Painted door panels black (soon to have red sued accents)
Painted wipers and cowl under them
Fixed non popping headlight and rebuilt the motors for both(brushes are a bitch to find)
Rebuilt the window motors and cleaned and greased and the regulator
Dropped the front 2splines (factory bars)
Redid some hx wheels
Front brakes
Starting to run speaker wire for full new system
Removed sound deadening
Painting the rest of the interior black to match the door panel
New outter tie rods
Rebuilt window and sunroof switches (none of them worked right)

I did so much research on Honda B-series it's not even funny. Finally I decided I would go with a 6 bolt 4g63T. I love the motor and have built many stupid things before. I even stuffed a 4g63T in an 87 Mirage and made 587whp with it. The car became very popular in the CSM/DSM crowd.
Build thread :

I want to also convert to awd. I haven't decided on whether I want to go FWD then awd later or go for it all at once.

Possibly swap the dash over from a 1G DSM or mold the instrument cluster to the Integra's dash

Repaint championship white

Window tint

Smoked lights

Carbon fiber hood and hatch

Different Front bumper or modify

Relocate battery

Already got a nasty sound system just needs install

Questions for you guys!

Has anyone done front coilovers or non sleeved rears in any way?
If no

What do I use for shorter stroke shocks in the front?
What performance shocks (if any) are left?
What are my options for front bumper or added lip?(after market or imported) pics?
Has anyone tried fitting other model front bumpers on?
Brake upgrades?

I want to make one for mine however the cost of materials is so much that I would need to sell a few to make it worth it. Cost will be somewhere between $400-700 for a hood and $700-1200 for a hatch. If enough people are interested I will calculate material costs and get closer estimates. These would be vacuum bagged carbon fiber and I will be doing each one by hand. PM me if interested

Thanks you guys!
Will post some pics!
Going to get donor DSM next week!

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Re: New here. Wanna get some feed back

Postby G1TypeR » May 16th, 2016, 4:45 am

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Re: New here. Wanna get some feed back

Postby evtsteward » June 10th, 2016, 1:37 am

No other front bumper fits from the 86-89 era unless you grab both the yard arms, bumper brace and the signals and wiring harness for them.
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Re: New here. Wanna get some feed back

Postby Bag » September 2nd, 2016, 2:42 am

Check out heeltoe automotive. Custom Tein coil overs specifically for the g1. Comes with shortened adjustable dampers. As far as awd goes, there was speculation that the awd from the wagovan may work with d16a1 with fabrication of course. Don't think anyone ever tried though.

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