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Postby evtsteward » February 26th, 2015, 1:52 am

Every time he drove the Integra over the next few weeks, Robert found himself wandering about the county, checking out small parks, viewpoints, and small isolated boat launches near the many lakes and rivers. It began to occur to him that the Acura loved the roaming around as much as he did. He also began to take notice of how few of these cars were still plying the roads and highways. He'd only seen a few, and most of them sedans which appeared to be pretty beat up in his estimation. He did notice another white coupe with a funny spoiler on the rear. He made a mental note to check that out on line. It was during a moment where he'd found a really cool park next to Lake Bosworth. Reclined in the drivers seat, letting the cool air drift through the open window, he barely heard the two girls make their way from the beach on the way to a car parked a few stalls behind him. As they made their way past, one of them stopped and caressed the hood and fender. "Hey," Robert said causally. "What's up?" "Not much. We're just taking in the sunshine for a while and need to be heading home. Just thought your car looked really nice parked over here in the shade. I really like the color and the looks of it from the shore." "Thanks. I just got it a week or so ago and have been enjoying the ride." "Well, I hope you keep it. I think it's pretty and it looks built for cruising, not like my Corolla my parents gave me." "I probably will. Every day behind the wheel makes me love this car that much more." "We got to be going." She said with a smile. "Hope to see you around. We come down here a few times a week when the weather is nice like today." Both the girls turned and sauntered toward the parking lot. The one he'd been talking to was running her hand through her hair while the other covered her mouth and suppressed a giggle. They both were chattering like those small birds that flutter between the bushes lining the lake shore. "Damn!" was the only thought that Robert could think of at the moment. That weekend he helped his parents have a garage sale. Among the sale items he'd noticed that his dad had placed a few fishing rods and reels along with tackle boxes and other camping items. As he tended to the customers intent on snapping up godforsaken glassware and clothing he wondered why he hadn't noticed any of the fishing gear before. His dad explained that he'd been a pretty avid fisherman prior to the kids coming along and never got around to picking it up again. If he was going to do something again he'd rather bother his friends who had boats and gear already. He wasn't going to commit to throwing money into a hole in the water. Robert perused the assortment of gear and chose a nice Shakespeare bass rod with an open face spin-caster attached. He sorted through the smaller tackle box and set himself up a few items for lakes and small stream. He found and old copy of the Washington Department of fish and Wildlife rules and set it aside to read up on local habitats, seasons, fish types and such. He also tossed a small Coleman cooler into the cache. After the Sunday rush, they shut the sale down early. He offered to take what would fit into the coupe down to the local Goodwill drop off and get a tax slip for his mom. He backed the Integra up the driveway, popped open the hatch and folded down the rear seats. Box after box, odds and ends galore and topping it off with a few garbage bags of unwanted clothing all fit neatly into the rear of the Acura. His dad remarked how much the car could gobble up as there were only left a few things to put into the recycle container. When he finished with the Goodwill attendants, he felt a sudden pang of hunger. Fortunately for him one of his favorite hang-outs was just down the street, the local A&W. time for a root beer, coney dog and his favorite, the chocolate-vanilla swirl cone. The stalls were all taken when he cruised in so he park along the side and walked up to the order window. It wasn't real crowded but a few groups of people had made there way to the drive-in to enjoy their afternoon. He was readying to make his order when he thought he heard a familiar giggle behind him. Robert did a double take when he recognized the girl from the lake. "Why, hello again." he said. "Nice seeing you here. Where's your friend today?" "Thanks! Oh, she had something else to do. But I couldn't pass up a chance to hang out." "Well, I'm really glad I get to run into you again." "Me too. I still really love that car of yours." she said, pointing to the parking lot. "My names Robert, by the way. Thanks for the props about the Integra." "No problem, just a nice car for a nice guy. My names Delores. Nice to meet you." The waitress muttered something from the order window so he took a chance to ask Delores if she'd like a swirl cone, his treat. She accepted and they soon found themselves a vacant picnic table and chit-chatted till they were licking their fingers clean. He asked when she would be getting some rays again and they agreed to meet that Tuesday. Before she left, Delores gave him a nice kiss on the cheek and thanked him again for the treat. He watched her walk to her Corolla and waved goodbye as she headed onto the boulevard. His mind was a mess but, when he looked at the Acura it appeared to be grinning at him. He decided to wear his swim trunks, pack a set of clean hiking shorts and towel in case they were going for dip. He also packed a couple drinks and snacks in the cooler he had salvaged before. For good measure he also bundled up the fishing gear and tossed it under the parcel shelf of the hatch. Delores showed up in something two piece and neon colored, packing a bag that included a throw blanket and sun lotion. Both sported almost the same pair of sunglasses. It was the first thing they remarked about and then shared a good laugh about each others fetishes. They laid on the throw till the sun chased them to the water where they splashed and carried on like six year olds. They finally cooled off enough to regain their composure and retired to the blanket again, which by now was getting covered by shade from a neighboring oak tree. They talked some more about sundry things and snacked on the food he'd brought till Robert noticed Delores was getting goosebumps. He suggested they change into their dry duds somewhere. She mentioned there wasn't a bath house anywhere and she wasn't inclined to used the Sanikan, although she had a better idea. They took the blanket further into the park area and found a secluded nook. Robert went to stand out of the way to allow her some privacy, but before he could make his move she grabbed his hand and told him to stay. It was a few hours later that they emerged from their lair holding hands and staring at each other as if no one else existed in the entire universe.
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Re: NH97M-3

Postby redteg73 » February 26th, 2015, 2:36 am

Integra love story, it doesn't get any better.

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