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Postby evtsteward » January 24th, 2015, 4:43 pm

NH97M Chapter 2
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At nearly the appointed time Kevin did show up a little early as he'd promised. Robert was feeling somewhat antsy for no apparent reason but he steadied his resolve and went to greet him with a smile.
"Evening sir. How's things going tonight?"
"Everything is real good." Kevin replied. "You have a minute to discuss something?"
"You're the customer and we aim to make your visit as special as you'd like! You want to talk here or in the lobby?"
"Oh, I'm pretty sure this won't take long and you've got the Teg to park in a minute anyway. Here's fine."
"So, what's up?" Robert asked.
"Well, you probably know I really love this car. I've had her for quite a few years now but, it's time for me to make a change in my career and I'm looking at the Acura product line again, possibly the CL model."
"I've seen those. Pretty nice also, for a bigger sedan. Lot nicer than an Accord I'd venture."
"True, true. So I've kind of looked around and found a CL locally that I'm really thinking of picking up. But the funny thing is the dealership hasn't any interest in the Integra. Guess it's all about resale."
"So, you're thinking of selling this beauty?"
"Yep! Was even considering a couple of coworkers who are in need of a vehicle for their kids. They both asked me to name a price. I haven't decided about them yet because I've seen the way their kids take care of things. Not impressed."
"Looks like you'll have her around for a while then."
"I'm hoping not. As much as I love this car, it would be kind of emotionally difficult to walk by every day and not drive her. In my mind I'd be shunning the car I love because it's sitting right there. You understand that?"
"I guess I do, but I agree that it wouldn't be fair to her to let her sit. So what's your plan then?"
"I've decided to let her go to someone who will ultimately love her and take care of her as much as I have. I'd only put one stipulation on the buyer though."
"What would that be?" Robert queried.
"Only that once every couple years they would permit me to take it for a drive for say, like 30 minutes, tops. Or I might never return her. You got what I'm saying?" Kevin asked.
"Makes sense to me," Robert answered.
"So, we have a deal then?" Kevin asked.
"Wait! What?" Was all Robert could stammer out as the situation started falling in place like a game of Tetris. "Are you offering me a chance to buy this car?"
"Well, sure! I've thought about this enough to know that you'll take great care of her. That's my decision if you're willing to do your part." Kevin said with warm smile.
"Gosh, I guess if that's what you want to do with her but, I'm not rich by any means."
"So, I was thinking of selling her to those other folks for around $1500. But I'd rather you have her than them. Give me an even grand and we're good."
"Wow! That's a real nice offer but, I believe that's about all that I've saved up right now. I wouldn't be able to put insurance on her right now."
"No. That wouldn't do. She likes to be run every day it seems. Makes her happy to be out on the roads. Tell you what. I'll let you have her for whatever you have left after title transfer and insurance premium." Kevin offered.
"Gosh! That would make my day if you're willing to do that for me. I promise I'll care for her special."
"Great! We have a deal. When should we do the deed? I've got the title with me and in the spare tire well you'll find a freezer bag with all the receipts for all the work I've done to her and, there's also the complete factory service manual. Always a good read." Kevin said with a wink.
"All my money is in the hotel safe so it's out of reach when I'm not here. Give me a couple minutes to go get it. Be right back."
They settled on an even $800 due to the cost of insurance, title transfer and a tank of gas. Kevin reminded him that he'd come calling in a year or so to check on his beloved Integra as he filled out the report of sale form. Then with a solid shake of hands he handed over the leather key fob with both original master keys and the one valet key still attached. Robert looked at the key fob and noticed it still had the words Acura of Southcenter tooled into the face.
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