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Postby evtsteward » January 24th, 2015, 4:33 pm

NH94M Chapter 1
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Robert was tapping his fingers and wondering if he should break into an air guitar while listening to “Brain Damage” by Pink Floyd. He hedged against the formal display and thought better to keep his emotions in tow. About that time Kevin rolled up to his regular meeting in the conference room at the Red Lion Inn with his lease agency people. Robert trotted out to grab the visitor’s keys and perform his requisite duties of being a valet. Namely, parking the car in the multistoried garage adjacent to the hotel. He took a deep breath as he realized it was the bright silver 1989 Integra RS that he’d had the opportunity of stowing a few times before. He also liked the beaming smile greeting him each time that he’d chanced to greet the visitor upon arrival.
Kevin blessed him with that golden smile, tossed him the keys and asked him to treat her nicely while securing the car for the evening.
“Yes sir!” he replied without thinking. All the other valets coveted the newer generation Saab, Audis and the like but, Robert didn’t really think they stood up to this beauty. At least in his perspective. To each their own he thought as he snagged the keys and proceeded to climb aboard. He slipped into the already warm car and hit the starter. The car purred to life and he immediately felt a tingling in his crotch.
“What a beast!” He thought. He slipped the car into first and cruised into the parking garage up to the second floor to find a space worthy of this silver bullet, away from the other less worthy beasts. Hitting second gear the exhaust displayed a primal growl. He parked not far from the stairs next to an immense support column, placed the seat belt carefully out of the door sill and flipped the internal lock for the door. Stepping back he previewed how the car sat almost perfectly sublime against the drab concrete structure.
“What nice metallic silver paint”, he mentioned to no one in particular. It was then he took notice of the door label stating “NH94M” and committed it to memory. Having secured the car and pocketing the keys, he backed slowly from the car to take it all in perspective.
“Jeez, those gorgeous, nice lines that looks to rip the freeways! Low ground clearance and it poses nicely too.” He didn’t get what the others thought of name brand style. This had it all!
Robert took another couple steps back and immediately fell flat on his ass after tripping on a small pavement crack. Totally embarrassed he leapt to his feet and while dusting the seat of his pants while he surveyed the area to make sure no one had caught him being so foolish. Satisfied that he was totally alone he walked to the stairwell and proceeded back to the hotel lobby.
Pushing the lobby door open and striding over to the valet cubicle he heard snickering and some guffaws from the other members of his troupe. He walked over and carefully hung the Integra keys in their proper spot on the pegboard when the room burst into full blown laughter.
“What the hell? Robert thought. “What’s so funny? Let me in on this you jerks!”
In unison they all pointed to the security camera where Cliff, the guard on duty was unmercifully replaying the faux pas the Robert had displayed while on his way back to the shed, as they called it. He felt his face turning beet red and threw up his hands in disgust with his cohorts in the car parking garage end of the job he’d hired on for months ago. Abruptly he turned and stormed back into the lobby and sought refuge in a men’s room stall. Flustered, he pulled out his phone and checked for messages or alerts. There was none, so he went online to help douse the pain and humiliation of his failure on the security cameras.
He browsed for NH94M and found it was a color code for a 1987 Acura Integra, specific to that year. A little more research showed it to be a very limited choice. That was fine with him since he was the only one of his peers to even care about this car. He did a little more research and found a nice site g1teg.org that professed to offer all sorts of good information regarding this and other of the 1986-89 model year. He made a promise to go online and check this out for no other reason than it turned his crank to see this car every week, while others turned their nose up at its appearance.
Robert sauntered around the lobby drop off area for the next hour and put a few more vehicles to their respective slots. None of them gave him the same feelings that the silver bullet did. That was fine with him too.
An hour later, Kevin came striding out of the meeting and flashed a big smile in Roberts’s direction. Robert jumped and calmly snatched the keys from the rack and hotfooted while giving him the thumbs up sign. A moment later he was unlocking the Integra and grinned while it fired up and seemed to beg for a road romp of the best kind. He steered the car smartly up to the lobby and set the hand brake not two feet from Kevin’s $160 dress shoes.
“Very nice delivery, “ Kevin remarked.
“Thanks, we aim to make it a pleasurable experience when you visit sir!”
“You always do a commendable job when I come here for my Friday meetings.”
“Well, I do take price in my job and am pleased that we can provide the service you desire.”
“Speaking of which, you wouldn’t happen to be around next week when I have another customer meeting?” Kevin queried.
“I always work at least Friday through Sunday and a couple other short shifts in between. Would be my dream if you’d want me to park your ride again!”
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