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Chedda J Products

Postby 247christian » November 5th, 2012, 7:05 pm

Fully Adjustable Panhard Bar
Rear Spring Adapters (Ground Control Insulator)
Single Bend Short Shifter
Dual Bend Short Shifter
Shifter Bushing Upgrade Kit
Upgraded Rear Strut Bushings
Panhard Mount Brace
Spherical Trailing Arm Conversion Kit
Cheddas Auto Decals
Extended Front Shock Mount Top Hat
Engine Mount Bushing Upgrade EW / D16a1 / ZC
Spherical Torsion Arm Conversion Kit
Control Arm Torsion Spherical Conversion

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Re: Chedda J Products

Postby chedda_j » January 17th, 2013, 3:56 pm

More goodies coming right away here with rear axle locking plates.

After much discussion on how the rear geometry works, I am going to get 10 or 15 locking plates cnc cut for our community. They will be made of cold rolled 3/16" steel and DOM tubing. I have allot of interest in these, so I will be getting on them right away.

Essentially the geometry works on three different hinge points. One hinge being the main trailing arm bushing. The others, a wheel bearing, and a static bearing (the one in the middle of the sway bar). There are linkage rods that connect the two, made of flat steel, 1/8" thick. When the wheel hits a bump, or the car leans, the internal way bar rotates its bearing, and stays connected with the linkage rods.

Now, when you remove this sway bar, essentially the bearing is now gone, and this allows the trailing arm and axle to pivot (slightly) without any resistance from the sway bar and without being connected via linkage rods.

The HF axle doesn't have an internal bar, but without it, the axle will actually toe in and toe out as it rotates upon itself. The HF was never a performance based car, so they never included the bar.

To prevent the trailing arm and axle from doing this, a locking plate is used. Some people weld the internal bar, but you keep about 20 lbs of extra weight. This plate will hold the two pieces together, using the stock linkage rods, to prevent the undesired movement of the axle. I guess it has 5 hinge points. Wheel bearing, Static Bearing, Trailing Arm Bushings, and 2 in the linkage rods. Removing the internal bar, makes it a 2 hinge point design.

Here is a photo of the 3D render of the EXACT item to be made. It will also come with optional bushings for said linkage rods if someone chooses.

They will be right around $25 maybe slightly more, and will come painted ready to install.

Best used with a external rear bar like Addco, but can be used without.


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Re: Chedda J Products

Postby Mr NW Classic » January 20th, 2013, 3:01 am

Yes good stuff indeed. Glad to do business with him anytime.

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