Semi built d16a1 turbo swap

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Semi built d16a1 turbo swap

Postby Chaos325 » February 9th, 2017, 5:49 am

thinking of pulling my semi built d16a1 turbo swap in favor of a fresh new setup. car is running of course, I built it when 18 and it's 13 years later and after built tons of cars at my shop I feel as its time to move on to something new. I have a few options just laying around like h22s, b20vtecs but more than likely a jdm gsr swap I've been thinking of building. more so because I've grown so tired of a cable trans.

Eagle h-beam rods, Endyne 9.1 pistons, notched cylinder walls, beck arnley bearings & thrust washers, oem honda oil pump & water pump, gates timing belt, ultra rare Hks mls, jdm zc cams, mild ported head, complete valve job & oem honda valve stem seals, arp head studs, hondata Intake Manifold gasket Greddy manifold, Garrett gt28 turbo from a s14 .80/.64, 2.5" turbo-back exhaust, obd1 conversion, msd, dsm 450cc injectors, act stage 3 clutch

last dyno was 12/2015 on pump 93 octane and netted 223.29whp/214fttq@81.44mph &7420rpm at 17 psi. mind you a t3 would net way more power but I was after quick spool & low to mid ranger power. the limiting factor were the turbo and injectors were at 85% duty.

ideally don't have a price in mind due to the rarity of some of the components, just a feeler but no low ball offers. no shipping, test drives welcome prior to purchase for serious buyers. if no serious bites then it will stay and I'll toss the built turbo gsr into my beater 5 speed crv.

thanks for your time.
89 Acura Integra 1.6 LSt - D16A1 :twisted:
Eagle h-beam rods, Endyne 9.1 pistons, Hks mls, jdm zc cams, Greddy manifold, Garrett gt28 turbo, 2.5" turbo-back exhaust, obd1 conversion, msd, act stage 3 clutch
223.29whp/214fttq@81.44mph &7420rpm

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