89 fo do hatchet-in motion

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89 fo do hatchet-in motion

Postby dubzwitateg » May 1st, 2015, 12:56 pm

While prowling craigslist constantly looking for a better ride than my saturn, I found a decent find for a good price. I wanted somethin not too spendy. I pretty much traded my car for the cost of another one; an 89 integra rs. I wasnt familiar with hondas at all, so like my many fun car projects id done before, I started hitting up google. A lot of time and money saved with all the diy stuff.
Shes a d16a1 dohc bout 280k on the dash.
Shes pushin probably somewhere of 120-130 horsies
getting about 20 mpg or so. Many factors are affecting the actual numbers.
Red fading exterior and the doors are sprayed red on the inside. Four doors, 1 window doesnt work. Seats gone ta shit.
Didnt have a muffler on it so it was crazy loud. People wouldnt stop checkin me and I had never learned to drive stick so I couldnt put up a fight against anyone hahaha. I burned out at every stop for a few days.
Right now she squeels out of stops when I get her 1st-ed properly. A minor bogging issue has me doubting my driving abilities, but much research makes me feel better as to wether its user or server error.

Dude told me it was a b16 head swap, but the cam gears and block tell me differently. Especially after extensive research on the b swap possibilities. Them b blocks dont exactly line up on the d ones. A lil modification could probably get it done though.

[I have a b18 to drop in that I bought but dont have the converted mounts for it yet or the other various parts ill need to run it. I want to sell the motor and use the cash to rebuild the current one instead]

So far shes gotten new spark wires n plugs. Tires all around, headlights, actual coolant (not a sand and water mix), she was completely dry on oil. And the cd player plugged in kept popping a fuse since the system wasnt grounded, but the amp ground wires were still hooked up.
Finally cut all them random and gross bitches.
Yanked all the plastic console stuff out. Much more room now.
Fuel filter, injectors, distributor, as well as an oxygen sensor.
I know ive got quite a few more things to get before its ready for a turbo setup which is really my end goal of pushing its power output, unless Im on some real g shit and feel the need to drop a k24 and a nos system in the bitch. We'll see.
Im definitely open to good ideas and leads on parts and swap items.

Im thinking of a larger air intake. I need a new one since I actually broke one of the bolts that was fabricated to the intake itself so the fuel injector rail isnt held in quite proper, but its still snug on there..hopefully.
A rebuild of the engine and tranny. I want to change that final drive with an si one, as I recall from what ive read. I want to get some fresh jdm zc cam gears so ill hold out for those and just get my current ones polished. Going to have the shop bore the engine out a little bit as well. If I have the cash I might drop in a turbo setup for the motor, rods, pistons, etc, or just some fresh ones for the bigger engine.
Fresh clutch setup. The pedal squeaks a lot and puts up some good resistance. E brake needs a rebuild. I need brakes, rims, strut bars, new suspension, a paint job. Some better body parts. Ill get a vented hood. Definitely seats. Or maybe a bed/couch type deal in the back for my dog. Ive glanced at a few things about brake conversions so ill look into that and upgraded torsion bars. Ill do something with the kitty. It sounds a lil backed up.
I think after some new sensors, electrical grounds and units, ill finally get to install a system in it and get to bumpin.

Not too sure what else ill need so advice is always appreciated. Ill figure out how to post a pic of it in a little bit. She gon be a beautiful princess once I get her shitty glasses replaced.
So I was getting tired of my bitch ass Saturn that I had had put way too much into without fully researching all its issues and power outputs. I was very thankful for my homies and their parents that could actually drop some knowledge and were able to get my ass (my car) out of quite a few, avoidable and not so enjoyable places Never had anything against the car in general. I was actually trying to save up and find parts to supe the girl up and get her moving like the people that actually dropped some time on theirs. Not a phat amount, but there were quite a few of the bastards pushin some angry ponies. Alas, parts were scarce and the good ones were a lil spendy for the young boy with a kitchen job and a very mistreated car. Learned a lot fixing almost everything on that ride. Im actually quite thankful for that. Good car, but needed too much before it was ready to do some fun stuff. Would definitely get one again but never the girly ass 96 sl model again. With its seafoam green supposedly the color or hornyness. So you know I was gettin bitches in that whip :mrgreen:

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Re: 89 fo do hatchet-in motion

Postby 87g1teger » June 4th, 2015, 9:32 pm

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