Cheddas Auto Transmission Mount

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Cheddas Auto Transmission Mount

Postby aarongolesch » March 14th, 2018, 2:29 am

I like to see both sides of the story...

When I say that, I mean that despite hearing negative reviews/comments about aftermarket part vendors for our Integras, I like to try things for myself. After all, at the end of the day you can trust your own experience.

I've bought a few things here and there from Cheddas Auto in the past, even met the guy at the Old School Reunion. Seemed like a nice guy striving to build and improve old Hondas.
You can't find too many people out there doing that nowadays.

I purchased his Panhard bar; works and performs great!
Tried out his strut bushings; they seem okay-hard to tell any "real" improvement, but I kinda knew that going into it. But as I've stated before, I like to try these things out so I can share them with other enthusiasts.

So the next part I purchased was his aluminum transmission mount, here:

I've done some research beforehand on Poly Mounts and people seem to have pretty good reviews on them.

So weeks go by and I receive my part.

It took about 20 minutes to install it, very straight forward. Simply place a jack under the tranny to take the weight off, take off the 3 14mm bolts holding the black bracket to the transmission, the 17mm nut on the stock mount, and the 2 14mm bolts holding the mount on to the frame. Slide the new mount on the black bracket and reinstall with torquing all bolts to 33ftlbs.

Easy enough, right?
Well here's where the problem starts...

So I go to start up the car and it seems just slightly off, just a tiny bit of vibration, nothing big, but something didn't seem right. Unfortunately, I had to use the car for 2 days for school so I put about 100 miles on it before figuring out what was going on.

When I went to get a closer look at the mount, I noticed that the new mount doesn't have that sort of U-shape like the OE one did. It was flat on the bottom so it didn't wrap around the little bump in the frame which wouldn't allow the bolts to tighten properly.


Since these bolts couldn't tighten fully. The mount was not strong enough to handle the torque of the transmissions and vibrated while driving.
I could totally feel the lack of power when coming home as the engine felt less responsive.

I wanted to make this mount work, so I took some 1/2" square washers that slid in perfectly so the bolts had something to bite to. And sure enough, it worked, and it was now tight.


Time for the test drive....

The road to my house is very fun. It's about 3.5 miles of windy, curvy dips with some straights - perfect place to put these cars to the test.
I couldn't really feel much at first when in lower RPMs, so I stepped it up in the straight-ways in 3rd and 4th gear and noticed a pretty significant difference between 3000RPMs-4000RPMs. The transmission felt more responsive and wanted to "take off" harder than before. It felt pretty nice, actually.

I like the idea of Cheddas Auto, and I respect that he's doing what most people don't care to do; which is to find ways to improve these forgotten cars for true enthusiasts. He's on the right track but...
I honestly do think that he needs a little work though...
As a customer, I should have to "modify" aftermarket parts to fit my car (unless there is some sort of disclaimer to do so).

The real downside to this which gave me a little disappointment is: my mainshaft bearing took a beating.
My transmission seems to slightly whine in every gear when I give it some gas.

Owner of Chedda (I won't give any names), if you're reading this. Take these reviews to better your service and quality with your parts. It's people like me that had to buy the part and learn the hard way that it's not designed correctly. But you can choose to listen to these reviews and make better parts so even more customers will come, thus, giving you more business.

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Re: Cheddas Auto Transmission Mount

Postby chedda_j » March 14th, 2018, 2:52 am

Hey thanks for the review! You are right, there should be a U shape or a set of spacers included in the Kit. I will update the kits accordingly!

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