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Tachometer jumping between 2k-3k rpm

Posted: April 10th, 2018, 9:53 pm
by Teggyda3
Hey everyone, I've got a problem thats been going on a couple months. Between 2 and 3 thousand rpm under load my tachometer jumps around fairly regularly. It does it the worst when its under high load with a lot of throttle input, and I can feel the car kind of lurch like some cylinders are firing harder than others. Ive done some research and a lot of people are saying its a distributor problem. Ive already ordered a ignitor hoping thats it because vaccuum advance distributors are almost impossible to find and I dont want to drop all of that money to find out thats not the problem. The cap and rotor were replaced about 6 months ago and they still look like theyre in good shape. If anyone has had this problem and knows a fix, it would be greatly appreciated. I do have a pretty decent oil leak around the distributor and cam angle sensor, so the connectors underneath have a good amount of buildup on them. Could they be a problem too? Thanks a lot guys, I'll keep you posted on what happens after I change the ICM