Add a cabin filter on the recirculate air intake.

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Add a cabin filter on the recirculate air intake.

Postby trent » January 8th, 2015, 5:47 am

Filter Material

A 12 in. X 4 in. "vent filter" sold at home supply stores is meant to be installed under the air vents that blow air into different areas of a living space. The same filter will cover the air recirculation intake on top of the air blower behind the glove box in an Integra. The filter is a few inches longer than needed, but the extra material can be tucked on the left side of the intake to help keep the filter in place.


Using a plastic 12 inch ruler, position the filter in place on the air intake through the gap above the glove box when it is open. Using the ruler will allow the filter to be installed without removing the glovebox saving about fifteen minutes time.

Change Interval

The filter will keep dust from clogging up the A/C evaporator and help keep the interior cleaner, if the recirculate mode is always used. With the recirculate button activated, the filter will become noticably filthy in about three months of driving (3000 miles).

Possible Rust Connection

It is possible that not blowing fresh dry heated air through the air exhausts in the left and right rear quarter panels may contribute to rust forming there in the winter. No air blows through those exhausts when the blower is in recirculate mode with the windows closed.

Rust Protection Spray

I've been spraying Boeshield T9 on rust prone areas and on brake line joints and A/C line joints on my Integras. The spray is paraffin wax dissolved in a solvent that allows the wax to be drawn into small cracks through capillary motion (wicking). The solvent evaporates after several days leaving only the wax as a long lasting rust protection that helps even on existing rust.


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