water dripping into body cavity under quarter window

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water dripping into body cavity under quarter window

Postby trent » June 8th, 2016, 5:12 am

When I was working on fixing my seatbelt retractor, the interior panel with the rear seat grab handle was removed for a long time, and I noticed water dripping into the space behind the panel under the quarter window.

There are some clips that hold the quarter window trim. The trim can be removed by sliding it forward. The clips are easy to break and can be replaced only if you have some new ones and if the quarter window glass is removed, so be careful with that trim. I think the water was coming in around the clips. There might be little rectangular gaskets under the clips that are supposed to seal out water. They now crumble easily. Some rust also starts around those clips.


I'm thinking of using FlexSeal spray to seal the clips. I would need to avoid gumming things up so the trim can still be installed and removed. I might try brushing it on.

I sprayed some Boeshield T-9 inside the space where the water was dripping, just in case it might help. I'd like to keep the panels in the front of the rear wheel well from rusting out.

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Re: water dripping into body cavity under quarter window

Postby evtsteward » June 10th, 2016, 1:25 am

Don't think Acura expected these cars to last so long. They were fully aware of the road salt on the east coast and just decided to let them rot. That said, pull the trims and forget about finding replacement clips. Just liquid nail them back on after rust repair.
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