replacing the retractor spring for the driver's seatbelt

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replacing the retractor spring for the driver's seatbelt

Postby trent » June 8th, 2016, 4:30 am

This is a seatbelt retractor for the driver from a 1989 3 Door:


An assembly from a salvage yard could be in poor condition. Using just the spring assembly to fix a non-working retractor spring might be what to do:

Pull the salvage seatbelt with a working retractor out all the way. Push the end of the belt out of its spool and remove the plastic retaining bar, being careful not to let the spring unwind. Then carefully count the number of turns of the spool to release the tension in the spring. Transfer the spring assembly to the other spool and reverse the procedure winding up the spring the same number of turns before putting the belt into the spool. There is some slack left in the spring when the belt is fully extended so that it won't get stuck in that position.

Removing the black retractor spring assembly involves pressing three plastic pins part way out to allow three split pin tabs to come through the holes.

This next seat belt was retracting only part of the way. The spring inside is a flat tape that winds up on one spool and unwinds onto the other. The spring separated along part of its length like toilet paper does sometimes when starting a new roll:


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Re: replacing the retractor spring for the driver's seatbelt

Postby evtsteward » June 10th, 2016, 1:32 am

Thanks for this great piece of info!
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