Boosting the D16A1

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Boosting the D16A1

Postby HondaGangClark » November 21st, 2014, 8:28 pm

So my friend bought a 87 teg for dirt cheap. It didn't pass smog and he wanted to get rid of it, I told him do just get it to pass and sell if for more then what he bought it. Well he did just that, changed the spark plugs, fuel filter, valve cover gasket, and now we are waiting on his catalytic converter. The car started running great after that and he decided he'd keep it.

A short time after this, our friend finished his 300hp turbo DC2 Integra w/ a LS Non-Vtec. He showcased it and we were amazed. So my friend John decided to boost the first gen.

John has a 300hp goal. Im going to list the parts he wants to get for his build. Keep in mind, John has a vision that this car will be a show car & race car and he wants to bring home trophies for competing.

Arias Pistons
Eagle Rods
Hoan cylinder walls (depending on condition)
ARP headstuds
Supertech Valve Springs
Sheepy Built D series Exhaust Manifold
Sheepy Built Catch Can
All in Fabrication tucked radiator intercooler combo
HSK Blowoff Valve
Hondata OBD1
Rywire Wiring harness
Stage 3 competition clutch

I apologize if I missed anything or misspelled anything, my phone screen is super cracked which makes it hard to double check myself, but as you can tell we don't cut corners and we use the highest quality parts.

What we need help on is deciding what turbo to run. what would be the ideal turbo for our goals and best bet for reliability? Should we just swap the motor to a B series if we want this goal?

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